Pick-Your-Own Apples
Open September-October Anually

  • WMUR Viewers' Choice 2022, 2023 #1 Apple Orchard!
  • Pick-your-own available daily, and free hayrides to the apple orchard on weekends.
  • Pick-your-own apples are available in 1-peck bag or ½ bushel bag.
  • Apple bags must be purchased at the farm stand.
  • Pre-Picked apples available for purchase at the farm stand
  • Over 700 Apple trees spread over 7 acres!

Apple Varieties Designated by Color on Tree Trunk

Portrait of fresh apples in a garden


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Our Most Popular! Ripens in early September. Discovered in 1801 in Canada, the McIntosh is a sweet-tart apple great for baking and eating. Excellent when eaten fresh off the tree, this apple is sure to please paired with a beautiful fall day on our farm. McIntosh trees are marked with green paint in our orchard.

Washburn's Windy Hill Orchard


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Ripens Mid-September. Discovered in 1898 in New York, the Cortland is a sweet-tart apple that is excellent for eating. The large size of the Cortland also makes it a great option for preparing pies and sauces. Cortland trees are marked with yellow paint in our orchard. 

Washburn's Windy Hill Orchard

Red Delicious

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Ripens Early October. Discovered in Iowa in the 1870s, the sweet apple is perfect for eating or salads. It is firm and sweet and keeps well for storage. One of the most popular apples in the US! Red Delicious trees are marked with red paint in our orchard.

McIntosh-Apple-1 (1)


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Ripens late September. Discovered in 1909 in New York, the Macoun is a sweet and crunchy apple and is a very popular apple for eating! The Macoun will keep well and is excellent for eating, making caramel apples, or slicing for a cheese board. Macoun trees are marked with blue paint in our orchard.

Royal gala-1.JPG_1691748525

Royal Gala

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Royal Gala ripens early September. Gala is the one of the most popular apples in the US! Sweet flavor with hints of honey, firm texture. Our Gala trees are marked with purple and are still young trees. Gala was developed in New Zealand!


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Carving Pumpkins .65/lb

Thousands of pumpkins to choose from laid out over several acres!

We provide wagons for transporting your perfect pumpkins!

Pumpkins must be weighed in at our farm stand.

A large variety of carving pumpkins, sugar pumpkins, and ornamentals!